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how it started

July 29th, 2017


If you ask me when Muchacha started, I’d probably tell you July 2017, but really Muchacha was in the making for years and years before. My grandma and aunt instilled in me a deep appreciation for handmade goods since day one. There is so much love and effort that goes into those pieces, and that’s is why Muchacha is all about hand-crafted earrings that are meant for your ears and your ears only.

Muchacha is heavily inspired by my Mexican heritage. I’m a mixed kid, half German, half Mexican. I grew up in a predominantly white culture, not knowing much about what it meant to be Latina. The older I got the more I wanted to connect with this part of me, and I fell in love with the vibrancy and strength of Latin-American artwork and the culture of my grandparents.

Once I began making earrings for friends, I always got feedback on how much more confident they felt wearing them. I realized the power of statement earrings, that these accessories, as wild as it may be, can totally change how I approach my day. There are so many spaces where women have been made to feel inferior or intimidated and I’m calling bullshit. If I can do anything in the world to help the women and girls around me reach their full wonderful potential, then I’m going to throw everything I’ve got into it. Luckily, that thing ended up being earrings.

Right now Muchacha is being operated out of my dorm apartment (don’t tell anyone, I’m pretty sure it’s against the student housing contract). We are having the BEST time growing our team and expanding the business. There is a lot to look forward to for Muchacha, you should definitely read about it in the what’s next page.